Our full-course Japanese kaiseki dinner
lets you experience the local flavors of the four seasons

■Koyoi Dining

Appetizer Hassun
Assorted Plate of Izu
  • Amagi Tofu
  • Wasabi Wolfberry Soup Chervil
  • Marinated Basil with Izu Horse Mackerel
  • Shrimp Sandwich Yuba Roll with White Wine Cream Sauce
  • Chicken Liver Matsukaze
  • Smoked Duck with Honey-baked
  • Curry Flavoured Couscous
  • Angelica Keiskei boiled Hosta Plant
  • Pressed Sushi Wrapped in Persimmon Leaf
Seafood Bowl
  • Koyoi Original bouillabaisse with Red Snapper
  • Local Fish from Higashi-Izu
  • Shrimp Scallops Zucchini
Fish Dish
  • Sashimi from Sagami Bay
Grilled Dish
  • Wagyu Ceramic Plate Grilled
  • Seasonal Vegetables Japanese Sour Sauce Japanese Pepper
Vegetable Dish
  • Canola Flower Mousse Sakura
  • Squid Canola Flower Petaled Lily Bulb Aralia Cordata
  • Citrus Depressa Jelly
Ending with
  • Cooked Rice with Red Snapper
  • Bamboo Picklespickled Vegetables Dark‐Brown‐Miso Soup
  • Milk Blancmange with Orange Sauce
  • Vanilla Crunch with Sakura Whip Fruit Mint

"Kaiseki" course dinner , Autumn 2017 - example
To be served during September, October and November

Appetizer Hassun Assorted Plate of Izu
  • Tofu with Kuzu noodle in the soup
  • Deep-fried river shrimp, Avocado sushi-roll
  • Baked wheat gluten, Marron glace, Oil-steamed scallop
  • Fried gingko
Seafood Bowl
  • Koyoi Original bouillabaisse with Red Snapper
    with local fish, shrimp, scallop, onion, zucchini
    potato and paprika
    Fish Dish
  • Assorted local Sashimi from Sagami Bay
Grilled Dish
  • Ceramic Plate Grilled Beef
    with asparagus, pumpkin, red paprika,
Vegetable Dish
  • Soymilk gratin with eggplant
  • ”Yuba", soymilk skin with grilled bacon and broccoli
Ending with
  • Cooked rice with chicken and mushroom, Japanese "miso" soup and pickles
  • Black sesame seed pudding
  • Cake of the day
  • *
    Ingredients may change by season, also depending on the weather or purchasing
  • *
    We provide "kids plate" to the children under 12 years old

Vegetarian Menu


*Appetizer bowl
Grilled eggplant, Konjac, Raw Vegetables
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
Hijiki Seaweed, Dried Radish

*Grilled Dish
Grilled King Oyster Mushroom

*Pot Cuisine
Mizuna, Enoki , Shimeji Mushroom
Radish, Carrot, Yuzu-pepper
Chili pepper Miso

*Boiled Dish
Furofuki Radish with Ginger Sauce

*Main Dish
Rice, Vegetable Soup, Ingredients

Fresh Fruits

*Breakfast time may be decided depend on the reservation situation.
*The menu may change with seasonal supply.  


Crushed Tofu in Delicacy Soup
Marinated Onion and Carrot

*Seasonal Appetizer
Bagna Cauda with Olive Oil or Salt

*Soup-type Appetizer
Sawa Stew with Vegetables

Konjac with Olive Oil or Salt

*Simmered Dish
Simmered Seasonal Vegetable

*Grilled Dish
Radish Steak with Vegetables

*Fried Dish
Seasonal Vegetables Fried

*Main Dish
Rice, Vegetable Soup, Ingredients

Fresh Fruits

*May change with seasonal supply.

Local Specialties

*Ise-ebi (Japanese spiny lobster) grilled in its shell ・・・ 1 for 2 persons JPY 6,000~

*Ise-ebi (Japanese spiny lobster) sashimi ・・・ 1 for 2 persons JPY 6,000~

*Abalone steak ・・・ JPY 4,500

*Abalone sashimi ・・・ JPY 4,500

*Grilled abalone ・・・ JPY 4,500

*Simmered Kinmedai (golden eye snapper) ・・・ 1 for 2 persons JPY 6,000~

*Assorted sashimi ・・・ for 2 persons JPY 12,000~

*All of the above a la carte items must be pre-ordered at least 3 days prior to your stay. We are not able to accept orders on the day.


Our broth are made with the best local fish

that will give you the full amount of energy
for your new day.

Golden Miso-Soup
・Soup made from the local specialty fish Soda Bonito
The basket of essence of Higashi-Izu
・Salty Gelidium
・Tuna with Mushroom Topping
・Simmer Hijiki Seaweed
Lettuce Salad
・Lettuce Leaf Lettuce Treviso
・Potato Salad with Ham and Mini Tomatos
Food Boiled and Seasoned
・Japanese Radish Yuzu-Miso Piece
Egg Dish
・Egg Roll
・Grated Radish with Soy Sauce Pepper
Warm Dish
・Japanese Pot-au Feu
・Cabbage Carrot Potato Wiener
Fried Dish
・Dried Horse Mackerel
・Fried Fish Balls
・Uzuwa Rice
・Soda Bonito White Sesame Red Chili Pepper
※The menu may be changed due to ingredient availability.


Dining has taken an important
place in Higashi-Izu.
All of our dining spaces are divided by high partitions for our guests' upmost privacy.
You can definitely enjoy our tasty offerings
in the relaxing environment that is our
dining space.

Restaurant Service Time


10×Tables(for 4 people)
3×Tables(for 6 people)


If you have food allergies, please tell
us 3 days before you come.
We will suggest other menu items for you.

Additional payment may be required for special items.


Shrimp, Crab and Egg
※Above the allergen substance maybe be included in processed food, please be noted.


Soba, Peanuts, Wheat Crop, dairy products
※Cookware and washing equipment are in common use.
The food material with allergen will be cooking in the same kitchen, allergen will stays behind, please be informed it.
For someone who will be cause serious hypersensitivity, bringing in food may be allowed if you contact us.