Enjoy our full dinner set that rotates throughout
the year in accordance to different seasons.

Full Moon

The most luxurious dinner set produced with the most precious ingredients.
Enjoy the best taste of the season one dish at a time with this tasting menu set.


Our standard set dinner that is sure to satisfy.

Ocean (light)

Light dinner set for those who are looking to emphasize quality over quantity.
We recommend to pair this lighter set with our selection of beverage and alcohol.

Koyoi (light)

Like the Ocean set menu, the Koyoi set is a light menu featuring
ingredients that ensure you enjoy a light and casual dining experience.

Vegetarian Menu


*Appetizer bowl
Grilled eggplant, Konjac, Raw Vegetables
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
Hijiki Seaweed, Dried Radish

*Grilled Dish
Grilled King Oyster Mushroom

*Pot Cuisine
Mizuna, Enoki , Shimeji Mushroom
Radish, Carrot, Yuzu-pepper
Chili pepper Miso

*Boiled Dish
Furofuki Radish with Ginger Sauce

*Main Dish
Rice, Vegetable Soup, Ingredients

Fresh Fruits

*Breakfast time may be decided depend on the reservation situation.
*The menu may change with seasonal supply.


Crushed Tofu in Delicacy Soup
Marinated Onion and Carrot

*Seasonal Appetizer
Bagna Cauda with Olive Oil or Salt

*Soup-type Appetizer
Sawa Stew with Vegetables

Konjac with Olive Oil or Salt

*Simmered Dish
Simmered Seasonal Vegetable

*Grilled Dish
Radish Steak with Vegetables

*Fried Dish
Seasonal Vegetables Fried

*Main Dish
Rice, Vegetable Soup, Ingredients

Fresh Fruits

*May change with seasonal supply.


To start your new day of adventures after a restful sleep,
the best way is to start it with our heartful Japanese breakfast set.
Discover why Japanese people have long lifespans.


Seasonal sun dried fish
Soup tofu with sauce made from local harvested mandarin
Izu seaweed jelly
Potato and vegetable mix
Okune stew
Pickled squid
Onsen egg with seaweed
Pickled plum and Japanese horseradish
Crab miso

Add-on Menu

Enjoy these additional items that are made with the same
high-quality ingredients as our set menu, a la carte style.

Toropochi Fried Fish


Sea Shell Snail (done fried or sashimi)


Abalone (done fried, steamed, or sashimi)

Seasonal pricing

Red Snapper (done teriyaki boild, fried, or steamed)

Seasonal pricing  ※Advance reservation required

Takaashi Crab (Giant Spider Crab, done steamed only)

Seasonal pricing
※Advance reservation required

Lobster, done with miso dressing

Seasonal pricing  ※Advance reservation required

Dining Space

To fully enjoy our culinary offerings,
we've designed a dining space that is private and romantic, suited to our dinner sets.
Dine just like you would in a fashionable downtown restaurant, this is the Koyoi Style dining experience.

Koyoi Wine Server

Enjoy our carefully chosen selection of wines
that are kept in perfect condition in the wine machine.
Choose the tasting size and you can enjoy all the different
taste without the need to open a whole bottle.

Dinner Time Slots

Due to limited space in our dining lounge,
we offer two dinner time slots to choose from:


Please choose your dining time upon check-in,
slots are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Food Allergies

For our customers who has food allergies,
please contact us 3 days before your arrival for us to prepare alternative meal options.
There may be extra charge to change the standard menu.

Allergies that we can arrange for:

shrimp, crab, eggs

Allergies that we CANNOT arrange for:

buckwheat, wheat, peanuts, dairy, others